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With all the innovations in flooring, we in the desert sometimes forget that wood floors have been around for centuries. They have withstood the test of time as a flooring material, because wood is superior to vinyl or carpet, ceramic tile and stone. A Solid Wood Floor is more than a covering; it adds strength and stability to the floor system. A one-inch thickness of wood has the same insulating value as fifteen inches of concrete. Wood is durable and long-lasting – occasional sanding and refinishing essentially results in a brand new floor. Also, the smooth surface of a wood floor does not retain mildew, absorb dust or dirt, greatly simplifying cleaning and helps keep allergens down in your living space.

Perhaps the most appealing characteristic of wood flooring, though, is its attractive appearance and natural warmth. Unlike stone, wood is not cold, and in fact, wood floors enliven a dull room, enhance any architectural style, complement virtually any furniture design scheme and add value to the home.

And, as the baby boomer generation ages, the advantage of walking on a solid, even and forgiving surface like wood becomes more important. It is not uncommon for physicians to prescribe wood flooring, to replace tile, carpet and stone, for customers with chronic back and knee problems.

A combination of qualities should be considered when selecting a particular species for flooring; appearance-related attributes such as texture, grain and color, as well as mechanical properties like dimensional stability, durability, workability and ease in finishing; and finally, availability and cost.

We at Mission Hardwood Floor Co. are more than happy to meet you at your residence or at our showroom in Scottsdale to discuss the right floor for you. With over 300 species to choose from and countless stain options, we are sure we will craft the perfect floor for you! Contact us for more information.