Buff and Re-coat

Solid, as well as engineered hardwood floors, are usually finished with one or more coats of oil, or water based polyurethane for protection. Although very strong and durable, these coatings can oxidize, wear and deteriorate over time. Some finishes are phototropic and “amber” over time, others turn “milky” or “dull”. In any case, Mission Hardwood is here to help. We offer:

  • Buff and re-coat of solid hardwood floors
  • Buff and re-coat of engineered hardwood floors

What to expect from a re-coat?

When we buff and re-coat your hardwood floors, we abrade the top layer of the clear coat and remove any build up and residue to assure perfect adhesion of the “new” coat. We then re-apply a compatible (oil or water based) coat of finish on your floor of which you can determine the sheen level. In general, all our finishes are available in four sheen levels:

  • Flat (matte): Almost unnoticeable on your floor- for the most natural look
  • Satin: A barely noticeable, low reflection finish
  •  Semi-Gloss: Noticeable shine, some reflections
  • Gloss: Highest shine and most reflections – Gives your floor that “Glass covered” look

All our finishes are premium quality, commercial grade, low V.O.C and eco-friendly. A buff and recoat of a hardwood floor is the least intrusive flooring maintenance service and does not affect the wood itself. It preserves the floor in its current condition for years to come and if properly maintained, this will be the only hardwood flooring service you ever need. Scratches and indentations in the wood itself will not be remedied though, since the wood itself stays untouched. To remove scratches, indentations, discoloration or other damage in the wood itself, the finish has to be removed completely together with the top layer of hardwood.

To remedy any scratches or damage within the wood, see our sanding and refinishing service.

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