Engineered hardwood floors can have the same appearance as a solid hardwood floor.

On an engineered hardwood flooring plank the top layer (wear layer) is usually solid hardwood but much thinner than a solid plank of hardwoodwood flooring. The installation of engineered wood floors is much faster than a solid hardwood floor but it can not be refinished as often, if at all. Most engineered products are prefinished, which saves time on site as well.


  • Time. It takes half the time to arrive at a finished product in comparison to a solid unfinished installation.
  • Thickness. Engineered wood floors can be as thin as 3/8” and can go up to  ¾”. This allows for flush transitions to another flooring in the home when remodeling.
  • Price. Engineered wood floors can be more affordable than a solid wood floor.


  • Color and finish selections are limited by the manufacturer
  • Colors are often discontinued due to trend changes, making engineered wood floor repairs and replacements difficult.
  • A majority of the time, the floor cannot be refinished. Once worn down to bare wood, the engineered floor must be replaced.
  • Edges are beveled on most pre-finished hardwood floors due to a very slight unevenness.Specific attention is required when installing engineered hardwood floors in a dry climate. The potential for failure of the floor is greater than with a solid wood floor.

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Below you will find links to some of our favorite manufacturers. We carefully select the products we carry and consider quality, warranty and customer service before deciding on offering you their product. Have fun browsing their collections and be sure to let us know if you would like to see any of the samples physically.  We usually have all samples on display and are more than happy to deliver them to your home for you to view.