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I purchased a home out of state and was planning to have new hardwood flooring added and all the hardwood floors sanded and stained the same color as to not show any variance between the old or the new flooring.

My issue is related to not knowing what stain color I wanted and being located over 2,000 miles from the home.

I searched pretty diligently to find natural 2 1/4 inch red oak paneling that was untreated but kept running into 2-3 week lead times for a bundle of the wood and I needed workers in the home well before the 2-3 week timeline.

When I reached Mission Hardwood Flooring they were the first company I spoke to that had the flooring I needed in stock. Then they suggested that instead of buying bundle of flooring and purchasing a bunch of different stains that they would indeed put a few panels together and if I picked a few different stains they would stain the wood for me. This not only saved me time but also saved me money. The story just gets better from there. In less than 2 business days from the date I requested the work Mission Hardwood had completed the task at hand and when I arrived to purchase the materials and the labor Mission Hardwood just requested I write a nice review for them instead of paying for one hour of labor plus materials, that was a nice surprise. All in all I would say I saved a few hundred dollars and met my need of knowing which stain I now want on my flooring plus I could compare the stain on the exact flooring to my paint samples on a piece of drywall I bought to test out different paints.

Give these guys a shot if your looking for a stand up company that delivers on their promises, is run by a good group of people, and makes the task of working with them straight forward.

Philip B. July 31, 2018

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