Recoating and Refinishing

Mission Hardwood Floor Co. offers all the services needed to keep your solid, or engineered hardwood floors in pristine condition. Or to get them there again.

Buff and Recoat

Solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood floors are usually finished with an oil, or water based polyurethane for protection. Although very strong and durable, these coatings oxidize, wear and deteriorate over time. Some finishes are phototropic and “amber” over time, others turn “milky” or “dull”. In any case, Mission Hardwood can take care of that for you. We offer:

  • Buff and re-coat of solid hardwood floors
  • Buff and re-coat of engineered hardwood floors

What to expect from a re-coat?

When we buff and re-coat your hardwood floors, we abrade the top coat of the clear coat and remove any build up and residue, using our top of the line, dustless equipment. We then apply a compatible (oil or water based) coat of finish on your floor of which you can determine the sheen level. In general, all our finishes come in these sheen levels:

  • Flat (matte): Almost unnoticeable on your floor- for the most natural look
  • Satin: A barely noticeable, low reflection finish
  •  Semi-Gloss: Noticeable shine, some reflections
  • Gloss: Highest shine and most reflections – Gives your floor that “Glass covered” look

All our finishes are premium quality, commercial grade, low V.O.C and eco-friendly.


Sand and Refinish a Solid Hardwood Floor

Sanding and refinishing of solid hardwood floors has come a long way in the past years. Our sanding equipment has become virtually dustless, stains and finishes are low V.O.C, and curing times have shortened. For you as a customer that means:

  • Less intrusive, virtually no dust
  • Less smells
  • Faster refinishing times

When sanding and refinishing a solid hardwood floor, we completely remove the old finish until we arrive at “new” wood. Once stripped, we trowel fill the floor to remedy any separation of planks, little nicks and dings in the wood. We now sand and hand edge your floors once again. Next we apply the desired color or stain to your floor. If undecided on a color, we can place color swabs on your floor for your selection at this point. Once stained to your specifications, we apply two coats of commercial grade finish on your floor to protect it. Your choice of sheen level will be applied.


Sand and Refinish an Engineered Hardwood Floor

Sanding and refinishing of engineered hardwood floors is more complicated than refinishing a solid wood floor. Engineered wood floors usually consist of plywood and a thin wear layer of solid wood adhered to the top of it. If the wrong equipment is used, a sander will sand right through the wear layer and arrive at the plywood layer, effectively rendering your floor useless. Mission Hardwood has invested in specialized equipment and has developed proprietary techniques to be able to sand and refinish many of these engineered floors, effectively extending their useful life by double or triple.

The process of sanding and refinishing an engineered hardwood floor is also much less intrusive then only a few years ago. All of the equipment used is 99.9% dustless (per manufacturer), all materials are low V.O.C and eco-friendly.

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This floors finish ambered over the years…
A beautiful reclaimed wood floor stained and sealed to customers specifications
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