Refinishing and Recoloring


Over the time of ownership though, it can collect scratches, or the color chosen when the floor was crafted simply does not match the latest color redo of the space. Mission Hardwood Floor Co. offers you hardwood floor sanding and refinishing solutions for any scenario. We can buff your floor and re-coat it with layers of premium clear coating to make it look as new as the day it was crafted, or we can change your floor’s color and character altogether. Mission Hardwood Floor Co.offers a variety of processes to color your floor in any color imaginable! We can even distress your existing hardwood floors to change their character to a reclaimed wood look.

Since all our services are crafts, the possibilities are endless! Contact or visit us at our showroom in Scottsdale today to discuss your project. We will put our years of experience to work for you and produce the vision you have! Also, Mission Hardwood Floor Co.only uses top of the line machinery and dust prevention equipment to make your project the least intrusive possible. For the best results in hardwood floor sanding, refinishing and recoloring in the industry, be sure to reach out to Mission Hardwood Floor Co. today!

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