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  Mission Hardwood  Floor Company   is a company dedicated completely to meeting and exceeding  our customers expectations. We at Mission Hardwood Floor know that the purchase of a wood floor is one of the best investments you can make in helping to make your house a home. Our specialists have  the knowledge and and practical  experience in helping you to select just the right floor to suit your needs.  At Mission  Hardwood Floor, we purchase the absolute best products form the very best manufacturers in the United States! The manufactures which supply our company,  have the highest standards in the industry today. As one of the  leaders in the industry, we can virtually match any floor inlay, or create a signature floor for your home! Mission Hardwood Floor, your leader in quality floor products, not only delivers the very best products, but is always competitive in price!

   If you have considered a natural floor covering, you are not alone. It is widely known that a wood floor covering helps to create a cleaner home environment. This is good news for people who are afflicted with various allergic conditions to dusts, molds, and related toxins. Hardwood flooring will also increase the value of your home!  This is particularly noteworthy when placing your home up for sale in today's open market!  Our customers will tell you that, Mission Hardwood Floor  has a  first-class warranty care program! We welcome the opportunity to serve you for as long as you own your new flooring! We believe that follow-through is essential in our business!

  Hardwood flooring can be installed in any room of your home, regardless of size. Moisture control inspections and treatments are used to maximize the productivity of your quality flooring. Subfloors are screwed down to promote the utmost quietness. We always use floor cleats to secure boards. When installing your wood flooring product, a clean safe environment is maintained. This means that we use nontoxic, low odor finishes.